Congratulations! Your church family will be celebrating your graduation on June 13th at 4:00 PM. It will be a video event on Facebook Live so invite your family and friends to share in this monumental occasion. To help this be a successful event, you will need to send in a few videos and pictures:

  1. Video 1 – (dress appropriately in front of a plain wall) – Introduce yourself – Name, school attended and college attending
  2. Video 2 – Share your accomplishments, academically, spiritually and working in the community (30 – 45 seconds)
  3. Send in 5 – 10 pictures of you (baby, school, grad, activities you like to do)
  4. Video 3 – This video is for your parents to record. Your parents/guardians will have 30 seconds to say why you were such a great blessing.
  5. Also send a picture with parents/guardians and you.

In order to be included in this video, we must receive ALL of your information (videos, pictures and online form) by May 31st. All videos must be in landscape mode.

Email all files to Make the subject of your email, your name. If you have problems emailing the files, email