Faith amidst the Fog

Thou hast granted me life and lovingkindness; and Thy care has preserved my Spirit. Job 10:12

Our brother Job finds himself in a situation far worse than our present circumstances.  Though ours fail to compare, the losses from the COVID virus, drastic economic loss, and the exposure of the covered roots of racism have created great pain.  Furthermore, the response of political parties, coupled with the anger generated by the lack of police reform and accountability, has created moments like Jobs, where God’s people look confusedly towards the hills from where their help comes from.

Save us, Lord!  Help us, Lord!  Deliver us, Lord!  Change things, Lord!  Where are you?  We ask.  Why must we suffer?  Why must we go through such trials and tribulations?

Some have fallen away.  The prince of the air has surged from every side, causing confusion and a spirit of depression like a heavy fog to exist in many homes leaving behind tears like the dew in the morning.

Lord, we know you are attentive to our tears.  We know you can help us move through the fog.  Lord, we know you as one that can remove the fog!  While it remains, Lord help us to advance each day, giving thanksgiving for the sight you have provided.  Help us to walk patiently, though visibility is low, help us trust what we can see, and not be in haste or reckless with the portion that remains obstructed.  We are grateful that you give us a sight line and provide us wisdom as we travel in perilous times.  Lord, protect us as we walk your way!   Amen!

© 2020 Dr. John Ogletree – Houston, TX