The Selfishness Trap
Philippians 2: 3

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit but with humility of mind, let each of you regard one another as more important than himself. Philippians 2: 3

Paul highlights a trap many of us have fallen into; selfishness. Selfishness is dangerous because it can net a high yield for one and a low yield for another. Selfishness allows us to enjoy the satisfaction of productivity and achievement. Selfishness allows one to feel secure through acquisitions and by building wealth. Selfishness displays productivity and hides from our sight the counter-productivity of your actions.

As labor, we are pitted against each other as warriors in a coliseum built and sponsored by capitalism. As consumers, we are in competition with each other. We sprint to obtain luxuries and struggle to maintain economic separation from each other. We war on both ends of the economy, seeing each other as competition, not as a co-laborer or as consumers, not a citizen.

In these pursuits, Ethics and Morals take a back seat to Promotion and Purchasing. Paul advises us that our pursuits for wealth and advancement aren’t to be void of the presence of God. Many think God wants us only to be presentable as Holy and Righteous in eternity, but God also wants us to live a righteous and holy life on earth.

Lord, help us to be mindful of others as we work and achieve. Help us to consider how our actions affect the members of our Community. Let us find value and worth in those we are blessed to have in our lives. Let us serve others with a spirit of humility and not a spirit of selfishness.

© 2020 Pastor Johnny Ogletree – Houston, TX