Bow Down Believers?
Daniel 3:6

But whoever does not fall down and worship shall immediately be cast into the midst of a furnace of blazing fire.” Daniel 3:6

There are times when we must all take a stance for right. While others bow down in fear, someone must have the courage to make a statement about what is right and not compromise by consigning what is wrong.

The 3 Hebrew boys considered what was requested, and though they respected their earthly king, they refused to disrespect their heavenly King. They respected the law of the land but respected the laws of their God more.

As citizens of the Kingdom of God, we must be sure to be sure we consider our God before we follow the instructions of those who request to be treated like a God. Our compliance can create godlike power, were as our willingness to speak up will point them towards the true and living God.

Lord, give us the strength to unite as Kingdom citizens. Let us put aside race and political party lines to make a Kingdom statement and not a political statement. Lord, we are fearful, so help us to be fearless when threatened by those in power. Let us trust your power more than we fear their reactions. Let our response glorify you and lead others to come into relationship with you. Amen

© 2020 Pastor Johnny Ogletree – Houston, TX