“We have this hope as an anchor to the soul, firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19 NIV

What is hope? Is it wishful thinking? Or is it a feeling that something good is going to happen?

Biblical hope is the confident expectation of what God has promised and His faithfulness to bring it to pass. The writer of Hebrews says it is an anchor to our inner beings. Hope prevents us from straying away from our trust in God’s promises. It keeps us firm and secure.

We need hope today to prevent us from straying from our faith. There is much negative misinformation and lies that inundates press conferences, news broadcast, and social media. We need hope even though it may look hopeless in the land. We must do what Rev. Jesse Jackson said in his address to the Democratic Convention on July 19, 1988:

“Whatever you do tonight, you can make it. Hold your head high; stick your

chest out. You can make it. It gets dark sometimes, but the morning comes.

Don’t you surrender! Suffering breeds character, character breeds faith. In

the end faith will not disappoint.

You must not surrender! You may or may not get there but just know that

you’re qualified! And you hold on and hold out! We must never surrender!

American will get better and better.

Keep hope alive. Keep hope alive! Keep hope alive! On tomorrow night

and beyond, keep hope alive! I love you very much. I love you very much.”

God’s promises apply to Black people as well as white people so we must keep hope alive! Hope must anchor our souls.

Prayer: Dear Lord, let us never succumb to the stress of being Black in America. Prevent us from the nihilism that comes negative political and social communication. Lead us to have hope as the anchor to our souls. Amen.

© 2020 Dr. John Ogletree – Houston, TX