Christian Women Fellowship, under the leadership and direction of Pastor Evelyn ‘Lady O’ Ogletree, is a vehicle by which women can obtain excellence through education, networking, mentoring and accountability. Women assist each other by maximizing and submitting their talents and resources in accordance with God’s divine order to meet the needs of family, community and self. They come together to be inspired and empowered through prayer meetings, conferences, fellowships and a surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Women are elevated above diversity and knitted together by a common bond of vision, purpose and goodwill.  For more information contact us at cherylj369@yahoo.com

First Men was founded by Pastor John Ogletree Jr. to train men in Christ-likeness as the standard for manhood. We are training and transforming lives through our events, community service, special classes and our First Men Monthly Meetings.  We strive towards building a community of faithful men who are equipped to lead themselves and their families, we offer solid Biblical teaching that prepares your heart and mind to follow God’s path for your life. For more information contact us at ckbutler06@gmail.com