TX Congregational Disaster Readiness has collaborated with twentyone (21) supply collections sites and collaborated for delivery of five (5) box trucks and three (3) 18 wheelers to Lafayette LA, Newton TX, Orange TX and Jasper TX.

Some of those locations continue to collect and can be found here.

Wish Lists for Hurricane Laura

For expedited delivery of supplies to regional distribution sites and to provide a safe (limited human contact process), we will transition to Amazon Wish Lists. See below for needed items:

Hurricane Laura Household Supplies Wish List

Hurricane Laura Tarping Supplies

Help with Hurricane Cleanup

If you or someone you know needs help with cleanup or debris removal after Hurricane Laura, please click the link below to register your need. This will enable organizations providing those services to make contact.

Crisis Cleanup Registration Page

Tarp & Board Mission Teams

If your congregation would like to participate by forming a Tarp & Board Mission Team serving Newton and Jasper TX, please register with Texas Congregational Disaster Readiness (TXCDR). TXCDR’s mission is to expedite relief and recovery to those impacted by disaster.

Congregations May Register Here to Participate

Visit TXCDR Website

Click here to learn more about Texas Congregational Disaster Readiness and how your congregation can become involved.

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