30-Day Praying for Your Pastor Challenge

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Dear First Met Church Family:

The month of November is a month of celebrating the life and legacy of the Pastoral leaders of First Met Church. The Prayer Ministry has put before you a calendar with a focus and scriptures for the whole month of November, as appreciate our pastors Drs. John and Evelyn Ogletree and their family. We thank God for all that they do to pour our and our family lives. As believers, we know that something supernatural happens when we walk and pray in unity. 

First Met, let’s give our Pastors one of the best gifts by praying for them, every day, but especially this month. Let’s bombard heaven with prayers of the righteous. We have assigned ministry groups and leaders to call out their names on certain days. On page 1 of the ‘Pray for Our Pastors’ handbook are the dates and ministries assigned to pray for each day. If you are not in a ministry or community life group, choose a day or days to pray.

Don’t just read, but meditate on the word and speak to the Father. Be specific on what you are praying for them on that day. They need wisdom, protection, blessings, strength, just like you and me. Our pastors get worn and weary, but we know if they know we are praying for them, they will surely feel the prayers of the righteous. 

See below to access the prayer Handbook.

The Prayer Ministry thanks you so much for standing in agreement in this awesome and amazing 30 Challenge to pray for our Pastors and their families. May God bless and keep you.

First Met Shekinah Glory Prayer Ministry