Solid Rock

Solid Rock Children’s Ministry is available 2nd thru 5th Sundays during 10:45 am service, and is divided into age and grade appropriate groups.

3 Year Old Pebbles

4 Year Old Rocks

5 Year Old & Kindergarten Rocks

     1st & 2nd Grade Stones

     3rd & 4th Grade Boulders

     5th Grade Mountains

The children’s curriculum uses creative Bible crafts, activities, object lessons, stories, skits, games, and songs.  Our teachers care about children and teach in fun and creative ways. Teachers use every tool at their disposal to make their lessons meaningful and invite the children to explore all the wonders that God has to offer.

Teen Talk Preteen Ministry is available to 6th, 7th & 8th graders during 10:45 am service 2nd thru 5thSundays.

This ministry is committed to help Preteens recognize GOD’s unfailing love and purpose in every situation they face through the early adolescent years and continue to stay connected to church life as they transition to teen ministry.

Teaching involves a lot of creativity within a loving, caring, and fun atmosphere.  Our goal— is life change.  Because preteens have the ability to form great, lifelong habits, we emphasize the development of spiritual disciplines in daily life.

Our biblical curriculum addresses purity and holiness in life, identifying and developing spiritual gifts, and using those gifts in service to others.  Preteens will receive biblical truth regarding friendships and peer pressure, handling electronic media (video games, TV, internet, and music), respecting parents, and developing a proper self-image based on God’s view, not the world’s view.

Lion’s Den

A unique teen worship experience on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 10:45 a.m., designed to praise the Lord of Lords and King of Kings in a language, music, spirit and truth that brings them into “the know (salvation)”Advances them (disciples them) in the “in crowd (Christians)Teaches them to “pub up (evangelize) the name of JesusWhich will bring about the “total hype (worship) of the triune of God.

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