Talk to God About EVERYTHING


Prayer is simply talking to God.  It’s as easy to understand as an emoji face.  Each week, kids will focus on something specific they can talk to God about in prayer using emojis as helpful reminders.


“At all times, pray by the power of the Spirit. Pray all kinds of prayers.  Be watchful, so that you can pray.  Always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.”  Ephesians 6:18 (NIrV)

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September 6, 2020 – Sad Tear Face

Scripture:  Matthew 5:1-11.  The Beatitudes

Pray for those who are sad, that God will comfort them.  No one likes it when they don’t feel happy, but Jesus said that the sad are blessed because they will be comforted by God.

September 13, 2020 – Heart Eyes Face

Scripture:  Genesis 45:1-15.  Joseph Reunited with His Brothers

Thank God for your family and those who love you.  Joseph thanked God for the chance to be reunited to his family, whom he loved.

September 20, 2020 – Black Eye Face

Scripture:  Acts 12:1-17.  Peter’s Miraculous Escape

Pray for those who are hurt or suffering that God will help them.  When Peter was suffering in a prison cell, his friends prayed, and God answered their prayer.

September 27, 2020 – Laughing Face

Scripture:  1 Kings 19:14-16 and 19:19-21.  Elijah and Elisha

 Thank God for giving you friends and people who make you laugh.  When Elijah was feeling sad and alone, God brought a friend, Elisha, to lift his spirits.


October 4, 2020 – Angry Face

Scripture:  Luke 15:11-32.  The Lost Son

Ask God to help you forgive those who make you angry.  Like in the story of the lost son, when we are wronged, we should be forgiving like the father, not having a bitter attitude like the older son.

October 11, 2020 – In Awe Face

Scripture: Psalm 36:5-11.  Your Love O Lord

Praise God for the world and all the beautiful things that he has made.  The beauty we see in the world around us reminds us of the incredible qualities of our God.

October 18, 2020 – Sick Face

Scripture:  Luke 8:42-48.  Jesus Heals a Sick Woman

Pray for those who are sick, that God would make them feel better.  Jesus is loving and has the power to bring us healing.

October 25, 2020 – Cool Shades Face

Scripture: Matthew 6:25-34.  Do Not Worry

Thank God for giving you clothes to wear and a place to live.  Thank God for forgiving your sins and giving you a way to be with Him forever.  Jesus assured us that God would take care of all our needs.

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